The song "Circling In A Standpoint" was the first to be composed following the entry of drummer Gerry, with the stable line-up of all the records released by SORRY, HEELS from 2012 to 2015.

We have now chosen this song, already important to us, to symbolize the closing of a cycle and the beginning of the new phase with the new "trio" line-up, celebrating it with the occasion of the Autumnal Equinox, with a precise symbolic choice; the Equinox is in fact the time Day and Night have the same duration ("equi-noctis", i.e. "the same night (day)"), then the two opposite phases are equal.

he version of the song for the video is not the original, featured in the "Wasted" EP, but the "OUROBOROS VERSION", a version previously featured only in a CD sampler published for the second edition of the festival "Distanze", in which we had the honor to participate last year, still in October.
And even this is not accidental.

After the warm welcome received by the first video ("Last Day On Earth") this is the second official videoclip, for the song "In Love With Silence", once again extracted from the full length "The Accuracy Of Silence".
Sorry, Heels are happy to present "Last Day On Earth", the first video out from the album "THE ACCURACY OF SILENCE".
This track has quickly become a favorite, and it has a special meaning for us as well.


The first full lenght "THE ACCURACY OF SILENCE" is available since 24 February 2015.


First limited edition of 200 numbered copies gatefold cover
Available from 04/04/2014


First limited edition of 200 numbered copies, gatefold cover.
Available from 18/05/2013



Relics-Controsuoni 2013 sampler

The song "Circling In A Standpoint" is featured in the "RELICS FOR THE (CHRIST) MASSES" Christmas compilation sampler, done by the web magazine Relics - Controsuoni, with all the bestof 2013.


Formed in the late 2011, a year after the dissolution of Chants Of Maldoror, SORRY, HEELS call themselves basically a new wave band, with influences coming from the international New Wave and Post-Punk acts of the early 80’s as well as from the early 90's shoegaze bands and from the more claustrophobic indie noise.

Their recording debut is in May 2013 with the self-released EP "Wasted", which firstly placed them to the attention of national and foreign critics.

This first effort has been counterbalanced in April 2014 by a new 5 songs EP entitled "Distances”, which has gained once again great attention from the insiders and helped widening the band’s audience.

The year 2015 marks the presence of the first full-length album, entitled “The Accuracy Of Silence”, and released through the label Gothic Music Records. The album is made of eight original songs and a personal interpretation of Black Sabbath’s famous “N.I.B.”.

The sound of the band has changed slightly from the previous releases, with the insertion of light psychedelic elements and with more emphasis on certain melodic arrangements.

Up to now, after a short personnel change, the band is involved in the arrangement and composition stages of new material for the next full-length album.

Sorry, Heels are:

SIMONA - vocals FABIANO - guitars DAVID M. - bass



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